18 April 2020 HKCC Subscriber Agreement

Hong Kong Community Composting 


Thank you for your interest in composting with us! Our mission is to collect and divert food scraps from Hong Kong’s landfills, thereby lessening the pressure on our landfills and the amount of methane that enters the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. We strive to provide you with the best possible service and are committed to subscriber satisfaction. 

The following terms and conditions are meant to help us meet those goals and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Check it out and make sure you understand these terms and conditions so you can get started composting! 

Terms and Conditions for Residential Subscribers


Hong Kong Community Composting provides waste bins for the collection of food waste from subscribers and arranges for the delivery of that food waste to the O-Park1 Organic Resources Recovery Centre (the "O-Park1") for processing (the "Services"). The O.Park1 uses anaerobic digestion to produce electricity and composts the remaining solids into soil conditioner/compost. 


By subscribing to the Services, you (the "Subscriber") acknowledge and agree that:

  1. The Services are provided by Hong Kong Community Composting Limited ("HKCC"), a private company limited by shares incorporated under Hong Kong law. 

  2. In consideration for the Services, the Subscriber shall pay HKCC: a one- time non-refundable installation fee and a monthly subscription fee. HKCC reserves the right to change the amounts of the fees payable for the Services at any time by giving at least one month prior notice to the Subscriber by email. 

  3. The Subscriber will correctly follow instructions given to access the bin. This may involve installing and using an application to open the lock on the drop-off bin. 

  4. The Subscriber must only drop off suitable compostable materials as set out on our website and as updated from time to time. PLEASE DO NOT drop off any items on the “Don’ts” list.

  5. Each of HKCC and the Subscriber can terminate the Services at any time by giving at least one month prior notice to the other party by email. The email address for termination by the Subscriber (or any other communication with HKCC) is info@hkcomposting.com

  6. HKCC reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Services on any given day due to extreme weather conditions, unsafe road conditions, public holidays or other similar circumstances. 

  7. In connection with the Services, HKCC collects and stores certain personal data of the Subscriber. The Subscriber consents to the use and storage of its personal data in connection with the Services (but not for any other purpose). 

  8. HKCC engages third parties for providing the collection bins, collecting the food waste and HKCC does not monitor or control the activities of the O.Park1. HKCC does not accept any liability in any way for any act or negligence by such third parties or the O.Park1 (including but not limited to any potential liability relating to any compost produced by the O.Park1). 

  9. These terms and conditions are governed by Hong Kong law. Any dispute in respect of the Services or these terms and conditions will be submitted to the Hong Kong Courts.