What is Food Waste?

  • Food Waste is waste generated from production, procession, retail, meal leftovers and expired foods. This includes everything from vegetable scraps and peels to spoiled leftovers in your fridge.

  • While it appears harmless in your trash, this waste amounts to 34% of all Municipal Solid Waste sent to Hong Kong’s landfills, averaging to 3,662 tonnes a day!

Why is it an Issue?

  • Food waste depletes limited space in Hong Kong's landfills which are anticipated to reach breaking point by 2020.  

  • Moreover, this waste emits methane, a major greenhouse gas linked to causing climate change and the economic and environmental issues that ensue. Not so harmless afterall!

What is the government doing about it?

  • Hong Kong's Environmental Department has already revealed initiatives to reduce food waste in the coming years by 40%, lowering the city’s waste from 3,662 tonnes a day to 1,464.

  • To accomplish this, the government has furthered the development and support of food waste programs, most notable the Organic Resource Recovery Centres and Food Waste Recycling Plan Scheme programs.

How can you help?

  • 65% of the food waste sent to landfills traces back to households.  

  • You can take immediate action today to reduce your waste

  • Don’t let your food waste harm the planet, give back to the Earth by composting it!

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