Help!  The lock won't open!

We're so sorry to hear, and we feel your frustration.  We break into a cold sweat whenever the lock doesn't open in front of a new composter but we've always managed to open it eventually. 


These are the easy steps we go through:


...the centre button 🔘on the lock to wake up the little fella and turn it blue. 🔵 


...that your bluetooth function is ON.  Even if it's on, turn it off and on again.  (I know, so high tech. 👩‍🔧 But it has done the trick for us before, so hey...)


...the app on your phone.  (Sometimes we spring clean our phones and close out open apps. Including the Master Lock app.  Ooops.  Open it.  Log in.  Go.)


...the shackle into the lock and click the centre button again.  (We get tamper alerts from the locks from time to time, probably a curious cat trying to pry it open and loosening the lock in the process. 🤷‍♀️)

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