Community Drop-off Bins

So you want to compost your food scraps but you don't have the space, time or know-how to compost at home.


No problem!

Our community drop-off bins started because Ming tried and failed at home.  Together with Paige and Renée, we found a food waste collector willing to work with us.  We started placing bins around town, protected them with fancy bluetooth locks and now you get to just drop off your scraps.

*Why do we call them community drop-off bins?  Because it takes a community of caring people to be willing to separate, collect and carry a bag of smelly scraps to a bin.  Many of you carry it across town, and we love your for it!  If it wasn't for all of you, Ming would be sending her scraps to landfill by now!

How to join our Community Drop-off Bins


After you sign up below, we will send you instructions on downloading the Master Lock Vault app on your iphone or Android. You'll need the app on your mobile to unlock the bins. We go through all this trouble to prevent contamination from people who mistake our beautiful bins for regular trash bins.


We'll meet at your bin to say hello, make sure your phone opens the lock and give you some certified compostable bags to get you started.



Start dropping off your food waste. (See here for acceptable items.)  Instead of going to landfill, it goes to O-Park1 to be turned into biogas and compost.

We will also tell you every month how much food waste was collected through your drop-off bin and diverted from landfills!