About HKCC


Founded on the values of community empowerment and commitment to integrity, Hong Kong Community Composting (HKCC) is a women-run social enterprise. 


Our main goal at HKCC is to enable households in Hong Kong to compost through hands-on workshops and community drop-off bins. A role that diverts useful organic food waste from landfills where it currently makes up more than 30% of solid waste from domestic and commercial/industrial sectors. That’s just far too much potential to ignore or throw away!


And here’s why we’re encouraged: The very first HKCC community drop-off bins appeared on the streets of Hong Kong on March 1, 2019. During the first month, we collected over 620 kg of food waste. By the 6th month, it increased to over 1,700 kg. Over a year later, we’re still here and growing.


Each of us arrived in Hong Kong after having lived in different countries where composting was part of daily life. Unwilling to revert to a life without composting, our paths converged at a meet-up group. Following many (lively!) early morning breakfast conversations we were moved to action combining skills in research, community building, and business logistics to make HKCC a reality. And after gritting through the detailed process of setting up a green business together, composting became possible for a growing number of people. 


As the pioneers of domestic composting in Hong Kong, HKCC exists because of each and every one of our committed subscribers. Together, we comprise a community that understands the importance of food scraps and their potential to restore depleted soils and reduce the effects of climate change. Food scraps are valuable, and for this reason, simply don’t belong in a landfill!


When the three of us started HKCC in 2019, we were not sure how many people would care enough to join us. After all, food waste is smelly and waste charging an ongoing debate. We are amazed by and grateful to our composters who joined and stayed with us through our growing pains. Together, we‘ve shown the government (because we tell them about our progress) that with education and on-going support, households are capable of proper food waste separation. The continued demand clearly demonstrates the need and desire for viable food waste solutions in Hong Kong.

About what we do



Drop-off Bins

New composters can sign up for a bin through our website. For starters, we'll send you a welcome email with instructions for downloading the Master Lock app (which unlocks our bins), a list of what can and can't be dropped in the bin and other useful information. Then we'll meet each new composter at the bin to welcome you with a gift and make sure you're good to go. The food waste goes to O.Park 1, Hong Kong's first facility to convert organic waste to electricity and compost using microbes. Interested? Sign up here!




We love to see people composting at home but understand that you may have a lot of questions. That's why we design our  hands-on DIY composting workshops for all experience levels. Want to get notified about our next workshop? Tell us here!

About us

Paige Tantillo

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Permaculture Designer. Community Builder. Food Grower.

Paige has been composting since forever and co-founded HKCC to provide a composting solution for people living in Hong Kong’s small spaces. When not tending to her rooftop permaculture garden, Paige works with people all over the world on projects that focus on soil regeneration and community resilience.


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Ming Chan

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Data Scientist. Garbage Activist. Declutterer.

Works full-time at IBM and co-founded Hong Kong Community Composting (HKCC) as a passion project after being literally hit in the face with garbage while on a paradise vacation. In that moment she was inspired to find and document solutions for her zero waste journey.



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Renée Mullen

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Microbial Ecologist. Conservationist. Rock Climber.

A former university professor with a passion for the ground beneath our feet. Renée co-founded Hong Kong Community Composting (HKCC) as a way to contribute her love of teaching, her fascination with microbiology, and her desire to help the people and nature of Hong Kong. Ask this “soil geek” anything about the who’s who of soil.

Update: Renée has left Hong Kong and HKCC effective October 2020