Empowering Hong Kongers to compost

Join us in diverting valuable food scraps from landfills and transforming them into useful resources instead!

Founded on the values of community empowerment and commitment to integrity, Hong Kong Community Composting is a women-run social enterprise.

Our main goal at HKCC is to enable households in Hong Kong to compost through hands-on workshops and community drop-off bins. A role that diverts useful organic food waste from landfills where it currently makes up more than 30% of solid waste from domestic and commercial/industrial sectors. That’s just far too much potential to ignore or throw away!

Together, we have diverted

68,417 kg

since March 2019

Last updated: April 21, 2021



Drop-off Bins

Maybe you don't have outdoor space. Or time. Or tried and gave up. We understand.




You want to compost at home but not quite sure how?  Worried about smells and bugs?  We can help.